Style Crush: Utility, the German Edition

Style Crush Utility

Who knows – maybe this is the effect of being back in Germany? How else to explain my craving for the functional shirt dress depicted above, which somehow reminds of a boiler suit. In a good way. Pair this with some comfy sneakers, and all sorts of tassly, chunky, leathery accoutrements.

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Style crush: Hawaii

Beach Vacation Clothes CollageGood morning, world! Today is the day of wonderful news: We are going to Hawaii this summer! Oh, the excitement. Apart from the fact that Hawaii is the destination of my dreams, I get to go with the man whom I love, and with the above depicted collection of wonderfulness in my suitcase. While the latter only plays out in my head, the former two pieces of information are cold hard fact reality. Or actually warm like Hawaiian sunshine and soft like sandy beaches reality. I’ll stop now. But it’s the excitement, you see.

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