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Home again

jack russell terrier

I am sitting at the Copenhagen airport, clinging on to what is probably my third cup of coffee this morning—who’s keeping count at this point—in the hope it might heal the current state of pain my brain is suffering after only 3 hours of sleep last night. Memories of the week at home sooth my state of mind. Besides running endless errands, going home in my case always means indulging in delicious meals, indulging in many pleasant conversations with my grandparents, about the past and the future, and about how to live in the present despite them both, and finally, indulging in cuddles with the world’s cutest puppy, Madame Flo.

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All the pretty things – 5 home decor items I am seriously considering

Hello there, stylish home decorateur. Here are 5 decorative items you should consider acquiring for your home right now. I know that I am.

Leonardo Di Caprio Throw Pillow
{1. This Leonardo Di Caprio throw pillow}
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