Froyo, yolo, and that beach body

Beach body how to

Our upcoming Hawaii vacation fills me with a sense of indescribable excitement, joy, and anxiety. Bikini anxiety. Which I write jokingly, obviously, because all of the beaches on Hawaii are so secluded, no one will actually see my non existent abs in nothing but two small pieces of water-resistant clothing, right? Right. Jokes aside, there are more important things to focus on in summer than obtaining the perfect beach body and that’s finding the perfect frozen yogurt place. Because you only live once, and life is too short for icy frozen yogurt, and because of all the other inspirational sayings about froyo.

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Oatmeal bars with strawberries: The chewy, healthy, guilt-free kind

Home-made granola bars

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I am a sucker for all things sweet involving oatmeal and fruit. There are few things I enjoy as much as chewy, nutty, wholesome bites of a granola bar with my afternoon cappuccino. Except for that one caveat: store-bought granola bars are either so loaded with fat and sugar they cover a grown man’s daily calorie intake requirements, or–and I’m pretty sure this is worse–they taste of sticky nothingness with a hint of artificial sweeteners.

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Week 29

flowers on table

If you have previously heard about the concept of Third Culture Kids–people who have spent significant parts of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture, and as a result have developed their own ‘third culture’–then shame on you. How is it possible that no one has ever explained my struggles, relationship patterns, confusion, and general me-ness to me, by pointing out that I am, quite clearly, a Third Culture Kid?

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The best dim sum in San Francisco

Dim Sum in SF

One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco by far is eating dim sum for lunch on the weekend. Dim sum are bite-sized and steamed pieces of Chinese heaven, filled with lobster and water chestnuts and snow pea tendrils and ginger and pine nuts and pork and cilantro and every now and then also carrots. Dim sum is just. So tasty.

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Zucchini flowers stuffed with silken tofu: Surprisingly, this is not only edible, it is delicious

Stuffed Zucchini flowers

I was a bit skeptical, I will admit. But it turns out that stuffing zucchini flowers with silken tofu was a good idea, and one that pleased the palate. But don’t take my word for it. If a man, who considers prosciutto to be a good side for a plate of meat, eats a soy-bean-stuffed flower and asks for more, it’s really good.

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Juan Kattan. The Man

Juan's beard

Remember that friend whom you met in another life, when you lived in other corners of the world? Whom you shared so much laughter and Chips Ahoy! cookies with it gave you slight nausea, in an enjoyable way? A friend, who spends his days surfing and taking photographs on the Caribbean shores of Colombia. No? Well, I do have such a friend. And you should meet him. His name is Juan Kattan. Yes, his first and last names rhyme and this is neither fiction, nor a joke.

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Style crush: Hawaii

Beach Vacation Clothes CollageGood morning, world! Today is the day of wonderful news: We are going to Hawaii this summer! Oh, the excitement. Apart from the fact that Hawaii is the destination of my dreams, I get to go with the man whom I love, and with the above depicted collection of wonderfulness in my suitcase. While the latter only plays out in my head, the former two pieces of information are cold hard fact reality. Or actually warm like Hawaiian sunshine and soft like sandy beaches reality. I’ll stop now. But it’s the excitement, you see.

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The marrying type

Girl with bandana and flowers

Oh, it’s summer, and summer means it’s wedding time. Chances are all of your early thirty something friends are getting married right now. Ours are. We kicked off the wedding season this weekend, and joined Nora and Enrique as they partied away into holy matrimony. Don’t you just love this time of year? The endless flower arrangements, glasses of sparkling, drunken relatives, and decadently sweet wedding cakes? To my immeasurable disappointment, the latter two were mysteriously absent from Nora and Kike’s wedding.

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Week 28

Cookie Butter Monday Notes

Scandinavians are peculiar in many ways, and I say that with the utmost love and affection towards humankind of the Northern European variety. After having lived in Copenhagen for some years, as well as in the unofficial capital of Sweden that is Barcelona—I met so many Swedes there it made me wonder whether anyone was actually left in Sweden—part of me likes to secretly consider herself scandinavianized. Driving to IKEA in California makes me feel homey and whole and that’s a sensation brought forward not only by hotdogs you get to top yourself and $1 soft serve cones.

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Butternut squash for breakfast – I finally figured out how

Butternut squash puree Monday Notes

As the true butternut squash afficionado fanatic addict that I am, it could only take me so long before finding a way to incorporate this golden fruit of deliciousness into my favorite meal of the day – breakfast. That’s right: butternut squash for breakfast. Because it is so good. As a result of the detestable scarcity of butternut squash in my native Germany, it isn’t a squash in my mind anyhow, but more of an exotic fruit that grows in the lushest corner of paradise.

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On how to be grateful. And also, I met the girl from 9to5chic today


My mum is a firm believer in the idea that one can cure depression, blue thoughts, and bad weather by being grateful. If you stop thinking about things that make you feel scared, miserable, and meh–she insists–and start thinking about things in your life you feel grateful for, the world will feel like that much more of a happy place. Really, mum?

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Lazy strawberry marmelade recipe: Takes 5 minutes, is healthy, tastes insanely delicious

Strawberry Marmelade Breakfast

Do you know that moment when you wake up and crave strawberry marmelade, and have no strawberry marmelade at home, but strawberries and sugar, and you figure that’s all you need to make strawberry marmelade yourself, and then you go and make it? Exactly, that moment.

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All the pretty things – or five, actually

Monday Notes Jewlery{1. Stacking jewelry like nobody’s business}Monday Notes Breakfast Toast
{2. Indulging in breakfast creations involving toasted challah and…}Monday Notes Oatmeal{… and those involving oatmeal}Monday Notes No. 3 Shop OpeningNo. 3 Shop Opening{3. Discovering that your all-time-favorite Refinery 29 took your picture. While you were shopping jewelry for stacking purposes}Monday Notes Secret Messages{4. Finding secret messages}Monday Notes birdieMonday Notes Nico{5. Exploring Oakland…}Monday NOtes Blueberry Cinnamon Role{… where we headed to the gourmet vegan cinnamon rolls bakery Cinnaholic. A colleague recommended the place, because he knows the owner, who used to be a punk rocker in Berlin. I mean. What’s not to love.}

Why are we so scared of living? Of when I quit my job and got on a plane to San Francisco


As any good story, this one begins with an ending. And some French toast.

After 6 months of working in a job that somehow is a pretty big deal to people at business schools and at some other places as well, I have quit. I bought a ticket and got on a plane to

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Between here and other places

2013-03-14 07.21.56

It is Sunday, I am sitting in the café around the corner from my apartment, and the city outside is grey and cold. They just took a batch of freshly baked croissants out of the oven, and a soft, buttery smell fills the air. The last month has flown by, and lost itself somewhere between

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“Which city is this?” or Of how I became a consultant

2013-01-11 16.17.46

Hello and welcome to the new life of Ms. Monday. A life of never ending flights and hotel rooms. Maybe they don’t all look the same, but they all feel the same for certain. It’s such a cliché, but ask me any given weekday  which city I’m in, and it may take me a while to figure out. I feel thrust into this new rhythm of life, this new pace that doesn’t quite make sense to me yet. Monday mornings I get up so early, I’m not sure it’s even morning yet. Then I’m in the cab to the airport, in the cab to the office, and sometime much later that day

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New year, new job, same old resolutions

The new year is here and I’ve started it with a new job in a few new locations with a lot of new people. This may be as specific as I will get from now on – in the interest of the firm I work for, and especially its clients. I shall refrain from naming names or even places, and I ask for your understanding in this matter. But fear not, my friends. You’ll still get all the dirty immensely interesting details of Ms. Monday’s private life. Whoop.

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Cigar macaroons and potato pebbles – a tale of fine dining


Oh, you wonderful Magnolia! Here’s the promised update on our culinary experience at the restaurant, which the Michelin guide refers to as the “young star of national Italian cuisine.” How poetic. Let me tell you this up front – the service was more attentive last year, when we enjoyed the incredible cuisine of this place on a weekday, with only one or two other tables occupied. Last night, in contrast, the restaurant was

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Un pó di sole, un pó di shopping, and all the delicious food you could ever want

A bit of sun, a bit of shopping, and lots of good food – in other words. Today we wandered through the sun filled streets of Ravenna, had pasta and fish for lunch, and so many espressi that no one could keep count. And while it would never be my intention to make you feel even the slightest trace of jealousy, I may have to mention briefly here that

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Buon Natale!

Monday Notes Christmas

Here it is: The obligatory – yet no less heart-felt – Christmas greeting blog post from Italy! The coffee here is bitter and sweet, the streets lit by Christmas lights. Yesterday Nicola and I bought and decorated a Christmas tree, sat in front of the crackling fireplace in the living room, and 

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Not the end of the world

2012-12-20 18.13.27

This will be a first, my dears. It will be my first mobile post, that is the first note written on my cell phone. I couldn’t think of a post more worthy of that unanimously admired “travel” category approval than one written

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Hello world!

Hello world, it’s me again! If there is one thing life teaches me, it is that every ending brings a new beginning. This is a fortune cookie wisdom that most certainly proves true. The end of my studies will mark the beginning of my first attempt at surviving an actual job. Life has made quite clear to me that losing someone dear can mean the end of an era. Just as it has proven that you can find someone you’ll love in the most unexpected corner of the world and go ahead and start a new era. My point, dear reader, is

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