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What Balinese rice fields can teach us: Life lessons in emerald green


Take a walk through Bali’s rice fields, and you’ll find yourself bathing in a sea of emerald green. Part of the paddies’ magic might be that they are located just a few hundred meters from the traffic jammed, hot, sticky roads. In the rice fields, you find yourself in another world, one that offers calm and a gentle breeze of fresh air. The endless rice paddies are speckled with scare crows improvised from bamboo sticks, as well as rusty huts that give barefoot farmers a place to doze off. And then, far away on the horizon, glistening in the sun, still partially under construction, you’ll see a three story hotel complex that could as well be on Ibiza for all you know.

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All the pretty things – 5 home decor items I am seriously considering

Hello there, stylish home decorateur. Here are 5 decorative items you should consider acquiring for your home right now. I know that I am.

Leonardo Di Caprio Throw Pillow
{1. This Leonardo Di Caprio throw pillow}
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