The healthy life in København


Five years later, they are all still here. Mads, Nicklas, Jacob, Daniel. The guys I used to hang out with when I lived in Copenhagen. The stories we share now over coffee, sitting in bars, or sitting on living room couches reveal heartaches suffered, cancers survived, projects started, and lovers found. Meeting them brings up memories of sweet moments shared half a decade ago. Just Matthias has moved to Berlin, but I am staying in his old apartment and so am reminded of him anyhow.

The occasion for my visit to Denmark is Jacob’s wedding to Sarah. They met on Tinder, are Jewish, and they have a 6 and a half months old daughter called Helena. We celebrated in a country estate an hour outside of the city, it was windy that day, and the men had to hold on to their kippahs.

Below are some impressions from a city that still feels like home to me. Køben seems to have grown up somehow, the hipster hoods feel oddly commercialized, they even want to tear down the Palads Teatret, otherwise known as the colorful cinema, Daniel said to me, when I sat on the back of his bicycle and we drove through the city.

But I still love this place. Life feels healthy here. People talk about the painful, the political, the tabooed, the spiritual with me. It’s earnest conversations, they come from the heart, and they are the type I craved when I was living in San Francisco, where dinner conversations remained superficial and safe.

IMG_2224Feeling well after my week in France away from the office. Somewhat ridiculous selfie situation.IMG_2240København søerne aka the lakes.IMG_2212Hipster breakfast errday – matcha almond latte, gluten free avocado sandwich, green juice. What’s up.WeddingThe Rubens, aka Jacob & Sarah.IMG_2234Guess who caught the bouquet? And when I write caught I mean it hit me in the face, because I was the only girl not reaching her hands in the air in anticipation.Raw Food Wedding CakeA triple layer, raw, vegan, gluten free wedding cake. As badass as it gets.


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