Me, among people


I’m alone a lot these days. I spoke to two people this weekend, one of which was the guy at the store, the other my friend Aislinn. They are both really nice people, mind you, but I was thinking about how this time 3 years ago, I lived with a man, and the only time I wasn’t surrounded by someone was on my 15 minute way to work through early morning San Francisco. For the rest of the day there was someone there, by my side, even at night.

Work is weird in a way, because you’re amongst people, but it’s not like you’re going to hug them, or tell them about how you secretly wish you were a researcher on wildlife expeditions and a professional Kombucha brewer, rather than a Financial Analyst at Google. Even though, I actually have told my co-workers this, so never mind.

22a25c59-56a2-40bd-b5ec-05fa29c617afWent to London for fancy business trip last week and stayed at fancy Airbnb. Alone.b53967ab-bc06-40ce-bcae-793ced4e4577This was my room.af1b9772-e8db-4ecf-9f86-d6dcfecfeb9bLondon summer is about one million times nicer than Dublin summer, which isn’t very hard, but still.

The guy over at Wait But Why has this post on how a normal day includes about 16 or 17 hours during which you’re awake, which is about 1,000 minutes. That’s 100 times 10 minutes, which isn’t very much, and looks insanely little when you draw 100 boxes and imagine each represents 10 minutes and that’s your day. He prompts you to think about what you do with each of your 10 minute blocks per day.

Some of my better 10 minute blocks this weekend were spent buying art supplies at the art supply shop so that I can paint more. Another good block was buying peonies from a street vendor who wore a real Hermès bag. Another three and a half blocks were spent going for a 6km run around the harbor docks in the sun, followed by 4 blocks of Yoga in the living room. And then there were those 12 blocks of drinking matcha lattes and chatting about boys with Aislinn in the park.

IMG_1920These flowers finance designer handbags.
IMG_1910 Obviously I’m not always alone, and here is evidence of me among people, at a co-worker’s birthday party last Friday, on his roof top, where smokey meat was eaten, and herbs were being smoked.

The truth probably is that I’m not even alone that often. I just kind of feel alone. Does that happen to you?








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