Midsommar i Sverige

IMG_1837Yes, yes, y’all. It’s been over 2 years since the last post, and of course that had to do with a heart-breaking break-up, the loss of a visa and a job and an apartment and a man and a future and a lot of self-confidence and any zest for living or writing at all. 

And here I am, alive. Two years later. In a different city, on a different continent, in a different job, by myself. I’m not really fully ok yet, but I entertain the idea from time to time that I might be again in a not so far away future. And that’s better than a lot of the thoughts entertained in the last two years.

As for the present: I went to Sweden to celebrate my first Midsommar! It’s a summer solstice celebration on which you get to dance around a May pole aka Midsommarstång, eat sea food, drink snaps, be with friends, wear a flower crown, and pick seven flowers and hop over seven fences in silence to then put the flowers under your pillow and dream of your future husband. Don’t tell me that’s not a treat. And I assume you much prefer looking at pictures than reading text since that’s the times we live in. So here it goes.

IMG_1768Blomsterkrans aka flower wreath. I picked the flowers and made this myself! I’m not going to lie, I’m proud of this creation. It smelled exotic, shall we say, because the purple flowers are garlic and the white flowers are elderflower. Fern is one of my favorite plants since it grows in my mother’s garden.IMG_1781That’s me there with the umbrella and I think I look happier than in most photos.IMG_1829We rented a summer house on a little island on Sweden’s west coast and it was like living in a post card, except better, because I was surrounded by people close to my heart.IMG_1796 (1)I went swimming in the mornings and it was cold and made me feel so alive. I don’t feel alive very often in the office.IMG_1802IMG_1760IMG_1797I really liked all the colorful fungus or algae or what this is.IMG_1842IMG_1808Linus and Emelie and Tove. Which is cool, because their names sound as Swedish as they are.IMG_1832And here are Tove and Emelie again, with Tina in the middle. I’ve known Tina for half a decade now, which is kind of crazy.IMG_1845And this is me with Tina’s fiancé {!} Jerker, whom I have known for a full decade, which is even crazier. {The normal, non-squiggly brackets don’t work on my keyboard anymore, so yeah.}IMG_1821At any given time there were probably four of us {we were eight people in total} in the kitchen cooking. Scrubbing potatoes, making salad, setting the table, and chatting. Here you see the Kraftör – crayfish – which the husband of the couple that own the local fish shop catches. They boil them alive and I saw that and I ate them anyways and they were delicious, but it also made me want to be a vegetarian again. IMG_1792
Here are my seven flowers. I couldn’t really remember my dream, but then I kind of did and I realized I dreamt of my co-worker. It wasn’t a romantic dream either, just something random. So, not sure. If I end up marrying that guy, I’ll let you know.

You know what’s crazy? Writing feels so daunting, so impossible, so absolutely unimaginable. Until you do it one random Sunday night, even though you were planning on going to bed early. And then it feels like the easiest thing, like breathing maybe, or like daydreaming of a boy that holds your hand when you go for walks by the ocean. I mean, like stuff I do all the time. That’s what is crazy.


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