I suppose & Swedish summer

I suppose people change and relationships end, despite of what best-selling novels and Hollywood Christmas movies would like me to believe. I suppose life doesn’t always come with happy ends. Diseases aren’t cured, and distances aren’t overcome. Fathers die and don’t make peace with mothers. Promises and plans of a future life together disappear in nothingness. I suppose that’s a dismal, yet somewhat realistic view of the world. The thing here is this. I really don’t want to be realistic. I really do want someone to convince me of a Christmas miracle. I want to believe everything will be alright and that there’s a happy end. There will be. Right?

For those that much prefer looking at pretty pictures to reading heart-broken paragraphs, below fond summer memories of Sweden. The land where friends and kräftor await. And beautiful, never-ending love stories too. They do exist.

DSC02224{A botanical garden in Rosendal Trädgård, a type of magical park in Stockholm}

DSC02221DSC02219{Spending time with my beloved Nettinator and her British host family from way back when in high school. Annette lives in Stockholm, they happened to be visiting}

DSC02239{There was a farmers market. You know I love farmers markets}

DSC02270DSC02268{At Da Matteo with my beloved Linus}

DSC02258{Must love a country that isn’t joking around with pastry serving sizes}

DSC02226DSC02232{Stockholm all picturesque and such}

DSC02304DSC02305DSC02307{We’re on the seafood diet. We see food. We eat it.}

DSC02334DSC02323DSC02338{Quite different approaches to entering the water among cultures, but the result remains the same}

DSC02313{This is a characteristic capture of the non-verbal amazingness going on between Madita and Linus. No need to understand really, just appreciate}

DSC02317DSC02314DSC02271{Linus planning world domination or happy about ceiling decorations. Not sure}

DSC02282{A taco night with lovely Jerker}

DSC02250{Back against the wall / And your legs around my waist / I kiss you again…}


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