Bitter Sweet Everything


With Bali it is as with most things in life. Some smiles are genuine and sweet, some are a labor of duty. Some roads give views on rice fields lush and green, some irritate your sinuses with exhausts and pollution. Some meals are raw, fresh, and delicious, some send you on a 24 hour hospital stint with a bacterial infection. Just like most things in life, Bali is a little bitter sweet.

And so, it’s hard to tell if giving life our all is really worth it, since most outcomes will be bitter sweet in the end. We invest ourselves in excelling at work and securing visas and making the ones we love feel loved. The results we achieve–more often than not–turn out to be a little of what we hoped for, more of what we didn’t expect, and some of what we dreaded would happen.

The thing is – the sweet and the lush and the delicious never seem to come without the forced and the dirty and the bacterially infectious. At least not for long. Hell, at times, you won’t even be able to tell them apart. It is that Ying and Yang kind of thing. A little bit of the dark in the light. A little bit of light in the dark.

Bali shows me what my soul long knows to be true: You gotta try anyway. There isn’t much of a choice here. You have to have hope and love and antibiotics handy. Hope most of all, maybe. Especially when you find yourself lying in an Indonesian hospital bed. Let me tell you as much.

I find myself on a long way of healing that has just begun. In terms larger than traveller’s diarrhea. A lot has happened since I last wrote here. Not writing may have been some sort of escapism. I decided it’s time to try again.



DSC02442{Rice cakes drying in the sun}



DSC02437{They were a little nervous and excited approaching us. The oldest introduced herself and asked, “Can you take our picture?” I did.}

DSC02411{Apparently, the decoration of succulent like plants with empty egg shells is a thing here.}

DSC02439{A Balinese gas station: An outdoor cabinet with former alcohol bottles containing gasoline}


DSC02418{Fresh, young coconuts, which we slurp empty by the dozen. They chop the top off and put a bamboo straw inside the nut. 1,5 l of instant refreshment}


DSC02413{Let’s just say, we didn’t eat here.}


DSC02433{Tomb-Raider-esque scenarios, to say the least.}


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