The day Paul Walker died

DSC01935The day Paul Walker died we were in New York City. We had dinner reservations at Acquavit that night, where we found ourselves indulging in everything tasty Scandinavia may have to offer amidst warm light and warmer service. There were plates that married tapioca pearls and quail egg, langoustine and sea urchin, sardines and elderberries, foie gras and radish, cod and sunchoke, squab and apple, white chocolate and a bird’s nest, smiles and hands holding each other across the table.

Much of decisive nature has happened over the past few months. All of the visa issues finally settled themselves. We purchased one bookshelf and two nightstands at IKEA. My best friend got engaged. My mother purchased three bookshelves and no nightstand at IKEA. We celebrated the 30th birthday of the man who is the love of my life. We flew to New York, which you already know. I flew to Germany, where I am now.

Tomorrow, it is Christmas, which means this year has almost come to an end. Soon enough though it will be time for new beginnings, for resolutions impregnated by optimism born on New Year’s Eve, and everything starts all over again.

Before that happens, there need to be pictures shared taken this year.
Here they are.

DSC01887{In New York City}DSC01934DSC01963{When we like a place, we like a place. So we headed back to Ciao for Now for breakfast brunch food deliciousness. Pancakes and oatmeal}DSC01876DSC01880{Birthday boy amidst birthday arrangements. He’s 30 now}DSC01883DSC01872{Coffee at home with a Christmas cookie that I baked in Germany with my grandmother following a recipe of my great grandmother and that I imported to San Francisco} P1040623P1040605P1040606P1040614{My grandparents}DSC01851DSC01852{Lunch at home in San Francisco – truffled cauliflower lemon soup with parmigiano and black pepper}DSC01855DSC01858DSC01865DSC01864{Lunch out and about – Hog and Rocks and sparkling} DSC01956{We went to Eataly, a kind of heavenly gourmet restaurant supermarket in New York City, where you can watch them make pasta, buy pasta, and eat pasta}DSC01965{We also met Carla who ate a slice of pizza the size of two pizzas}DSC01781DSC01801DSC01808DSC01812DSC01816{We watched butterflies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers}2012-11-14 16.05.02P1040591P1040594{A Japanese girl living in Paris visited a German family with a pendant for Mediterranean cuisine. This is my friend Hiroko}DSC01930DSC01903DSC01908DSC01912{We celebrated Thanksgiving}


And, what are we thinking?

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