Memories I take with me


When I get up in the morning at 6.30 am it is still dark outside. I jog downhill to the gym through San Francisco’s moist and cold, and it smells of fried bacon on some street corners, and burnt wood on others. I hold my maze spray in hand, because – you never know.

By the time I get out of the gym–equal parts sweaty and happy–it’s light out, and I make my way up to Huntington park to stretch. There’s the same crowd gathered at the park at this hour every day – that group of walking meditators making laps around the green, chanting chants I don’t understand, that blonde, skinny woman with her hair up in a messy bun and her pug snooping around off the leash, that old man with the mustache who’s exercising by the playground and who asks me how my work-out was today.

Then I go home, and I shower, and I make breakfast, and we have breakfast, and then Nicola does the dishes and listens to Italian radio prank shows and laughs to himself while I get ready.

There’s something about never realizing what you do everyday and what makes up your life, before you leave it all behind and embark on other routines and different groups of people make up your daily encounters and involuntarily become part of those routines. I am back in Germany now. It’s fall. It is not really clear yet when I’ll return to the US. But if I do, it will be for good. You know.

Much love from the motherland and pictorial evidence of a life lived in past weeks below. A New York wedding, a New York brunch, and days by the beach.

DSC01716{Nicola & Christina}DSC01710{The parents of the groom are family friends and depicted here sandwiching Isa}DSC01674DSC01672{You know who in DVF and Cuyana}DSC01731DSC01725DSC01730{Views on the water during the reception and after party}DSC01747{Well deserved}DSC01750DSC01748DSC01761{Isa makes smart brunch choices at Ciao for Now}DSC01766DSC01768{Reunited with Ciatto}DSC01664DSC01665{West coast pancakes aren’t bad either}DSC01666DSC01668DSC01667{At Ocean Beach on one of the last warm days of the year}


3 thoughts on “Memories I take with me”

  1. Hanne! Love the post, but sad you are gone! Glad I got to see you some while you were here. I hope you make the permanent move here some day. xox Kate

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