Special Saturday


Every Saturday, Nicola and I embark on adventures we like to group under the heading ‘Special Saturday.’ We take turns in deciding what novel activity could fill our Saturday, and have a lot of fun plotting during the week to reveal our plans to the other on Saturday morning. Last week’s visit to the Botanical Garden had been my ‘Special Saturday’ pick. So this week it was Nicola’s turn and he decided we should take a scooter trip to Sausalito. Here we go.

It’s hard to put into words for me just how much pleasure I get out of sitting on the back of the scooter, riding around San Francisco with Nicola. Maybe it’s something about the feeling of getting places, the stream of air on my face, clinging on to the one I love, and those sunny, tree-lined roads leading up and down San Francisco’s hills. I do wish I had the guts to take pictures while on the scooter. One of these days I’ll dare and share my impressions with you.

What else is good, you wonder? Today we headed to the Fort Mason farmers market, and discovered the charming, hidden bookstore+café Goody, where coffee is good and book browsing opportunities plenty. Depicted at the very top of this post is an unidentified deliciousness at café Goody. Something along the lines of a peach-jam-filled, open-faced mini tart.

Back home we indulged in all of our farmers market finds assembled into some sort of sandwich amazingness topped with radishes and goat cheese and avocados and Californian olive oil and tomatoes and everything else that is good and available on a farmers market.

DSC01653{Oh, goody}DSC01652{Sausalito views onto San Francisco}DSC01649DSC01619

Time, as always, is racing by. It’s been weeks since my mother has been here in San Francisco with us, but it feels like she was just here yesterday. One of my favorite, favorite things to do with my mum is visit museums. Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few together – the Guggenheim in New York City, the Victoria & Albert in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Picasso museum in Barcelona, the Louisiana in Copenhagen, and now we can add the De Young in San Francisco to that list.

I have good memories of the exhibitions and the architectural beauty of the museums in question, but my most cherished memories are of the museum cafés. My mum and I have a silent agreement that the museum café must always be the first stop on any museum visit. You’d be surprised about how much the culinary offering of a museum café will tell you about the curatorial work you are about to experience. Usually pretty closely aligned. Unsurprisingly then, the Diebenkorn exhibition we saw was much like the apple crumble that preceded it – delicious, wonderful, satisfying, but so rich that part of me was glad it was over when it was. What an allegory.

DSC01616DSC01623{This is becoming somewhat of a repetitive note, but I do swear N.’s happier than he appears in pictures}

There also are some memories to be mentioned here about visiting the Mission with my mum, in search of typical Mission murals, which we found on the women’s building. So much for that.

I was treated to a 60 minutes massage today and the evening is about to end with the new Dexter episode. It’s all good, if you ask me.

Much love.


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