Kaua’i Part II & other stories

DSC01472California is sunny and hot these days, San Francisco fog clouds nothing but my memories. It has almost been a month since we took off for Lihue International Airport. Can you believe this?

DSC01180DSC01179DSC01140Aloha{Cuyana overnight bag}DSC01295{Up for a little beach picnic and sunset?}DSC01273DSC01249DSC01298DSC01272DSC01513

Back in San Francisco, life is no less splendid. Yesterday, after a lunch at Hayes Valley favorite Absinthe, we strolled through San Francisco’s Botanical Garden, which might be one of the most magical places in the city. There is a fragrance garden filled with wild shrubs of kitchen herbs attracting the bees, a forrest of towering redwood trees over 100 years old, and old stone walls overgrown with tangled twine hidden in the rhododendron garden.

DSC01629{He’s more excited than he looks. I promise. The ceviche served atop avocado and aside crispy potato slices shall be highly recommended}DSC01631DSC01634DSC01641DSC01642{This is the man I love}


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