Well, my dear friends, upon our return from what might very well be called paradise on earth, aka the island of Kaua’i, it turned out that we had taken close to 500 photographs while on vacation. That’s as close to an excuse as you will hear from me for the August silence on Monday Notes. Sorting through all those pictures continues to take its time.

And then we were busy with my mum in town, visiting San Francisco from Germany. More on that soon. And then we were busy celebrating my 26th birthday. More on that soon. And so one thing let to another and now there are so many pictures to post and stories to tell, I might never have to go out into the world ever again or experience anything, and I would still be able to continuously provide the most entertaining, mesmerizing content to you until the end of eternity. Almost.

Here we go. Consider this a soft start.

DSC01543 DSC01535 DSC01395{Indulging in a local lunch, with plenty of Ahi Poke, aka marinated raw tuna}DSC01392DSC01197DSC01381{Helicopter ride}DSC01342DSC01257{Which may have left me to believe I can fly}


And, what are we thinking?

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