Style Crush: Utility, the German Edition

Style Crush Utility

Who knows – maybe this is the effect of being back in Germany? How else to explain my craving for the functional shirt dress depicted above, which somehow reminds of a boiler suit. In a good way. Pair this with some comfy sneakers, and all sorts of tassly, chunky, leathery accoutrements.

Other than that it’s all good. I’m taking care of various administrative tasks, sorting through mail, meeting insurance agents, the whole deal. I also got to see my grandparents today, which was lovely. And then tomorrow there’s plans for walks and fish for dinner and I’m happy. Oh, Germany.

1 Style NandaBlue Striped Shirt with Tie Waist
2 TopshopDaisy Print Side Split Coat
3 Michelle OhGold Coral Studs with Moonstones
4 Michelle OhCoral Ring with Rainbow Moonstones 
5 Bimba y LolaKey Chain
6 Style NandaSun Glasses
7 Michelle OhLittle Fin Bracelet / Anklet
8 Bimba y LolaCoconut Collection Bag
9 NikeAir Max 90 Premium ’08


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