Froyo, yolo, and that beach body

Beach body how to

Our upcoming Hawaii vacation fills me with a sense of indescribable excitement, joy, and anxiety. Bikini anxiety. Which I write jokingly, obviously, because all of the beaches on Hawaii are so secluded, no one will actually see my non existent abs in nothing but two small pieces of water-resistant clothing, right? Right. Jokes aside, there are more important things to focus on in summer than obtaining the perfect beach body and that’s finding the perfect frozen yogurt place. Because you only live once, and life is too short for icy frozen yogurt, and because of all the other inspirational sayings about froyo.

For a long time I was pondering the question of whether they season frozen yogurt with a pinch of crack every now and then, because how else could you explain that something so plain, is so incredibly addictive? While I haven’t found the answer to this particular question yet, we came one step closer to finding the perfect frozen yogurt place in San Francisco this weekend! Whoop, whoop!

Fro Yo{Keeping it classy: berries, heath bar chunks, caramel sauce}

The place is called Easy Breezy, which is somehow refreshing (oh, the pun), because it’s one of the few frozen yogurt places that doesn’t name itself some variation of Fro, Yo, or Froyo. 

So that you may get an idea of where I stand in terms of frozen yogurt: I am an overt admirer of Yoppi Yogurt for the breadth of their frozen yogurt and topping choices, their loyalty program, and endless trial cups. Cultivé is probably one of the worst frozen yogurts in the city for me, because not even their immense choice of toppings can make up for the icy bits in their yogurt.

But then: enter Easy Breezy in Noe Valley. They use Strauss organic yogurt, which reflects in the creamy deliciousness of their froyo, and they offer unsurprising, but solid flavor choices: original tart, blueberry, vanilla, milk chocolate. (And there is a “custard” flavor containing eggs, which I didn’t try, but which is supposed to be very good.)

At Easy Breezy Easy Breezy SF

Easy Breezy’s topping selection: Somewhat less extensive than at the larger chains, but higher quality and wow factor. Think, actual cookie dough, smashed potato chips, warm chocolate fudge, or peanut butter sauce. The best thing about this place are probably their friendly staff and warm, wood-heavy interiors though, a very welcome alternative to the usual pink plastic coolness of frozen yogurt establishments.

They don’t beat Yogurtland, which is by far the best frozen yogurt I ever had, but Easy Breezy is the best reason to head back to Noe Valley any time soon. Plus, eating loads of froyo is totally reasonable if you’re working on your beach body, because 100% delicousness leaves 0% space for calories.

Ms. Monday eating froyo


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