The best dim sum in San Francisco

Dim Sum in SF

One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco by far is eating dim sum for lunch on the weekend. Dim sum are bite-sized and steamed pieces of Chinese heaven, filled with lobster and water chestnuts and snow pea tendrils and ginger and pine nuts and pork and cilantro and every now and then also carrots. Dim sum is just. So tasty.

And exciting too, as it is served by waiters who push carts with a choice of ready-to-eat dim sum through the restaurant, inviting you to choose, whatever you please and crave. 

snow pea shoot dumplings{Translucent bonnets stuffed with a filling of chopped snow pea tendrils, roasted pine nuts and a hint of ginger, garlic and sesame oil. Which would be my words exactly, if they weren’t those of Yank Sing.}

Apparently there’s much debate and ado about were, when, and how best to eat dim sum in San Francisco. Yank Sing, the restaurant of N.’s and my choice, by all accounts seems to be the wrong choice. It is over priced and over rated, offering mediocre fare, if you are to believe the critics on the interweb. Instead, the best dim sum in this city apparently is found in a district so far, I wonder whether it is actually still part of San Francisco. The Richmond.

shanghai dumplings{The tricky thing with the Shanghai dumplings depicted above, which taste of pork, scallion, and ginger, is that they are filled with broth}eating dim sum{You’ll have to pick them up carefully, as not to rip and accidentally free them of their delicious juicy, soupy content}shanghai dumpling{N. masters this perfectly, of course}

While I can appreciate open debate and constructive criticism and wish that Yank Sing would just give away their dim sum for free, I also really just want to keep on going there every weekend and enjoy the most over priced, over rated dim sum there is, because if it is this good, then that’s fine by me.

Which I say now, foolishly, but who knows – maybe one day we make it out to the Richmond and try the real deal and won’t ever return. Until then, I’ll meet you at the Rincon Center any given weekend.

Ms. Monday at Yank Sing{Unfortunately, I consume dim sum somewhat less gracefully}Ms. Monday at Yank Sing

See ya there!


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