Juan Kattan. The Man

Juan's beard

Remember that friend whom you met in another life, when you lived in other corners of the world? Whom you shared so much laughter and Chips Ahoy! cookies with it gave you slight nausea, in an enjoyable way? A friend, who spends his days surfing and taking photographs on the Caribbean shores of Colombia. No? Well, I do have such a friend. And you should meet him. His name is Juan Kattan. Yes, his first and last names rhyme and this is neither fiction, nor a joke.

While I shall not deny that this post is partly motivated by the gentle reminder Juan sent my way to express he would be honored to be featured on this site,

Why am I not on your blog?!

to a much larger extent it is motivated by my desire to share his undeniable skill in capturing life around him with the world. That I love his photographs surely has to do with the fact that I know some of the faces in them, as well as the man behind the camera. But even if you put that aside, you can’t help but wish that you had been there with him when he took the pictures, to have soaked up a bit of the life he captures. In a way, looking at these pictures, is knowing him.

Broken Bench{the living room.}Boy laughing{happiness.}Surfer {wont be long.}Water and Skiy{this time of the year.}Girl swimming{out in space.}Girl's pants{tight.}Birds over water{birds.}Girl with make-up left overs{the aftermath.}Couple on boat{familys pretty much growin.}

Hearing from Juan got me thinking about old friendships, and lost acquaintances, whose names appear on my facebook wall every now and then, but whom I wouldn’t know what to write to if someone asked me to.

The truth is that I have been a horrible friend during the last months. I was so busy working my 16 hour days, and either even busier loving the excitement of it, or pitying myself for having to work those hours. Facebook, ironically, didn’t help here. Because, always having your friends right there on your digital fingertips and being able to see what they’re up to, without actually talking to them, means you have even less of a reason to pick up the phone and call them.

Which I should do. Because – why not? Wouldn’t you love to receive a call from me? Obviously, you would.

Juan in front of van

Finally, and getting back to the star of this post, there’s my never ending gratefulness to Juan Kattan, because he introduced me to Portugal . The Man. An Alaskan band, whom I recently saw live in concert. While Juan Kattan certainly is The Man, the title of this post also is a hint to our shared love for their music. It’s something about their lyrics and their melodies and memories of another life lived with friends in other corners of the world. You see.

And now, listen to below music, while browsing Juan’s collection of photographs. If you look closely enough, you might even discover me in those pictures.


And, what are we thinking?

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