Style crush: Hawaii

Beach Vacation Clothes CollageGood morning, world! Today is the day of wonderful news: We are going to Hawaii this summer! Oh, the excitement. Apart from the fact that Hawaii is the destination of my dreams, I get to go with the man whom I love, and with the above depicted collection of wonderfulness in my suitcase. While the latter only plays out in my head, the former two pieces of information are cold hard fact reality. Or actually warm like Hawaiian sunshine and soft like sandy beaches reality. I’ll stop now. But it’s the excitement, you see.

1. J. Crew – Tipped Silk Pocket Tank
2. Amazon – Straw Visor
Bimba y Lola – Cat Eye Eyeglasses
4. We Are Handsome – The Canine Corset Bikini
5. Ancient Greek Sandals x Marios Schwab – Gladiator Low Sandals  (Which the Man Repeller likens to hula skirts. What’s more Hawaii than that?)
6. Bimba y Lola – April Collection Coin Purse
7. Bimba y Lola – Flower Pot Collection Hair Comb
8. Cuyana – Turkish Towel (You already know I’m a believer.)
9. J. Crew – Crystal Fan Earrings

You know me, and so you know why there are no pants in the above depicted outfit suggestion. If anywhere, it makes sense on a secluded beach on Hawaii.

Given the above list, the attentive reader will also notice my slight obsession with Spanish fashion company Bimba y Lola. A love story that has played out since my early days in Barcelona.

We shall be spending a week on the island of Kauai, which is not only the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, but also rumored to be the most pretty of them all. Oh, bliss.

Now I’m off to work. Aloha, aloha, aloha!


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