The marrying type

Girl with bandana and flowers

Oh, it’s summer, and summer means it’s wedding time. Chances are all of your early thirty something friends are getting married right now. Ours are. We kicked off the wedding season this weekend, and joined Nora and Enrique as they partied away into holy matrimony. Don’t you just love this time of year? The endless flower arrangements, glasses of sparkling, drunken relatives, and decadently sweet wedding cakes? To my immeasurable disappointment, the latter two were mysteriously absent from Nora and Kike’s wedding.

Kidding!! Obviously. Of course, I’m glad that their relatives–who were flown in all the way from Spain–are of the well behaved variety, and that instead of the usual icing-soaked-vanilla-sponge-cake-covered-in-coconut-flakes-number there was chocolate mousse and vanilla bean crème brûlée and views over the Bay Bridge and what else could you possibly ask for. Oh, weddings.

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering. Since all those drinks the relatives were passing up clearly ended up somewhere. Meaning with us. Next wedding on our agenda: New York! Are you excited?

Chilled Seafood Platter{Perk of attending weddings #1: An opportunity to dress up. Perk of attending weddings #2: Menues that start off with oysters, shrimps, tuna tartar & halibut lobster ceviche}Roasted Halibut{And continue with roasted halibut, sweet pea risotto & tomato basil vinaigrette}Chocolate Mousse Dessert{And end with chocolate mousse with mysterious crumble and sauce deliciousness}Ms. Monday observes flowersGirl smelling flowersMs. Monday{Perk of attending weddings #3: Professional flower arrangements that end up in our humble home}Wedding Polaroid Collage

{Perk of attending wedding #1,000: So much Polaroid picture fun. Of the last-century-non-Instagram-real-life type}Fish Stew with Pok Choi{And on a completely random note, did you know I know how to make fish stew with grilled garlic Bok Choy? I didn’t either, but it was really good}Blue Fog Market Coffee Break{This is the man I love having coffee at Blue Fog Market}Pulled Pork Sandwich{What’s better post-wedding than a pulled pork sandwich at the Farmers Market?}Lox Sandwiches{A red lox sandwich with heirloom tomatoes!}

It’s Monday and that’s the best day of the week and so go out and be merry and excited! Love, love, much love from Ms. Monday.


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