Week 28

Cookie Butter Monday Notes

Scandinavians are peculiar in many ways, and I say that with the utmost love and affection towards humankind of the Northern European variety. After having lived in Copenhagen for some years, as well as in the unofficial capital of Sweden that is Barcelona—I met so many Swedes there it made me wonder whether anyone was actually left in Sweden—part of me likes to secretly consider herself scandinavianized. Driving to IKEA in California makes me feel homey and whole and that’s a sensation brought forward not only by hotdogs you get to top yourself and $1 soft serve cones.

Now, as for the peculiarities of Scandinavians – there’s many things one may discuss, but the one close to my heart today is that of their understanding of time. Scandinavians think in weeks of the year. This is week 28. They wouldn’t refer to this as the week beginning on July 8th and ending on July 14th, or some week in summer, or the second week of July, or, no. It’s week 28.

Monday Notes{This is what my beloved N. looks like during week 28}

Isn’t there something decisively Scandinavian minimalist about this system? Keeping track of time with one single number only? The other thing about thinking in weeks like this is that unlike any other way of counting time it makes painstakingly clear that when a week is over, it’s over and that’s that. You can’t loose yourself in July or summer or whatever. This is week 28, there’s two more days of it, come Monday it’ll be week 29, and the Swede in you knows of the transitoriness of time better than anyone.

I guess I’m remarkably too young to be wondering about where time has went, but I do anyhow. This summer it’ll be 5 years since my father died, and I keep on wondering what he’d say if he could see me now. Without further ado – week 28 in visual terms.

Monday Notes Breakfast{Here is something that happened this week – breakfast}Breakfast Monday Notes{Peachy raspberry almond raisin oatmeal}Diamonds Monday NotesPho Monday Notes{Sometimes we also eat things other than breakfast. Like Vietnamese Pho}Breakfast Monday Notes{But mostly, really, we just eat breakfast}Hydrangeas Monday Notes{Hydrangeas from the Farmers Market, and the phonebook of N.’s grandma, which he keeps as a memory of her}San Francisco Monday NotesSan Francisco Monday NotesBurger Monday Notes{Remember we went to Oakland the other day? This is what you eat there}Monday Notes

Also, in case you were wondering. Depicted at the very top of this post is the clash of cultures that plays out in our kitchen pantry. Swedish creamed smoked roe bread spread, which is best enjoyed atop a rye crisp bread and alongside a cup of O’boy, a type of Swedish instant hot chocolate (peculiar, I told you). Next to it, a bread spread that—if I may claim so—epitomizes America: a butter made from cookies, sensibly entitled cookie butter. Although this name is certainly misleading in nutritional terms, because this stuff is so high in sugar content, it is much worse for you than butter. Americans, love it all the more for it, I suppose, leading to a press-covered shortage of this diabetic treat.

Lillies Monday NotesBreakfast Monday Notes

Soon it’s the weekend!


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