On how to be grateful. And also, I met the girl from 9to5chic today


My mum is a firm believer in the idea that one can cure depression, blue thoughts, and bad weather by being grateful. If you stop thinking about things that make you feel scared, miserable, and meh–she insists–and start thinking about things in your life you feel grateful for, the world will feel like that much more of a happy place. Really, mum?

While it’d be easy to eyeball-roll this off as one of those motherly platitudes about life–which having to endure is a fundamental aspect of being a daughter–this one actually got me thinking today. What in my life am I grateful for? I started off with this list:

  • Encountering a short line at the sandwich place where I grab lunch. Oh, the rarity of this occasion in San Francisco.
  • Getting into conversations about style and life with the 70+ year old ladies who attend my Nob Hill Zumba class fully decked out in diamonds and wigs.
  • Sharing a glass of wine with the man of my dreams, who will silently endure all my “can I just try a tiny bit of this” attacks on his order.
  • Living in a city where you’ll run into one of your all time favorite bloggers, Anh from 9to5chic.com, on the street while getting coffee any given day of the week. (And Anh looked amazing, of course, pregnant to the point of bursting, stylish as ever with her structured black Céline tote, nice and approachable as you wouldn’t believe when confronted with me feverishly confessing my admiration for her blog).

Initially I kept wondering whether such things counted. Obviously there are the arguably bigger ones like having all my limbs in tact, an over-priced SF roof over my head, and a stable income the exciting opportunity to support a Bay Area tech start-up.

All those things are great, for sure, but I think the secret to the every-day therapeutic gratefulness my mum’s talking about lies in valuing the little things. Like discovering one more person follows this blog.  (Thank you to all 14 of you!) Like eating these blueberry pancakes. Like finding that Starbucks barista, who hits the magic spot of foaminess somewhere between a wet cappuccino and an extra foamy latte every time. Like having Michelin dinner memories. Like spending time at my sun-soaked desk drawing. And the list goes on.

Wouldn’t that be a cool idea for a blog? Someone who posts one thing they are grateful for every day? But then, of sorts, that’s exactly what this blog is, I suppose.

Oh, and P.S.: Yes. Of course the arrow on the above depicted image is pointed on my buttocks with full intention.


And, what are we thinking?

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