All the pretty things – 5 home decor items I am seriously considering

Hello there, stylish home decorateur. Here are 5 decorative items you should consider acquiring for your home right now. I know that I am.

Leonardo Di Caprio Throw Pillow
{1. This Leonardo Di Caprio throw pillow}
San Francisco Map Cut-Out
{2. This hand-made (!) San Francisco map cut-out wall art}
Honeycomb Garland{3. This Honeycomb Garland. Let Jordan Ferney teach you the DIY}
You are here neon sign
{4. This gentle neon sign reminder of where you are}
J. Crew Zip Pouch{5. This J. Crew Zip Pouch. Because if you convince your boyfriend that this pouch is not just a pouch, but can also serve as decorative home accoutrement, you can stop considering and go get it}


8 thoughts on “All the pretty things – 5 home decor items I am seriously considering”

  1. I am obsessed with the lacquer food trays from west elm and jacqueline maldonado throw pillows. Have a look-really good design stimulation

    1. Oh, and they do many more throw pillow designs! There also is one with Bill Murray‘s face on it. I could hardly resist ordering it.
      Where in the mission did you see the cutout? It would be cool to see that in real life. I can literally see my block on there…

      1. A Bill Murray pillow would be a conversation piece for sure. The SF cutout is at Dijital Fix on Valencia. They have one of NYC and one other city, too.

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