Fourth of July, explained

Blueberry Pancakes Stack

Yesterday, my dear friends, was the 4th of July. Also known as the day America celebrates its independence. What one must really know about this date as a European:

indulge in all things red, white, and blue. There you go. 4th of July explained.

monday notes blueberry pancakes close-up

In this spirit, we started the day with the most patriotic breakfast I could think up – a dish of pancakes. Red like raspberries, white like IKEA porcelaine, and blue like blueberries. I suppose the spirit counts.

monday notes blueberry pancakes monday notes blueberry pancakes monday notes blueberry pancakesmonday notes blueberry pancake excitement {Oh, epic tales of breakfast excitement. Pancake tower leaves no space for thumbs up in picture, unfortunately}

We spent the fourth of July on Mike and Lauren’s rooftop, overlooking the Bay, soaking up the sun, indulging in delicious food, chilled drinks, and highly intellectual conversations. Obviously.

monday notes nmonday notes SF baymonday notes salmon asparagusmonday notes happy hostsmonday notes happy hosts

What a wonderful day! Also, have I told you that in the effort to adapt to the San Francisco style of living I am now supporting a tech start up? Like, a real one? For which I spend my days in a stylish incubator office in SOMA? What could be more San Fran than that, I ask you. Exactly. Nothing.


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