Why are we so scared of living? Of when I quit my job and got on a plane to San Francisco


As any good story, this one begins with an ending. And some French toast.

After 6 months of working in a job that somehow is a pretty big deal to people at business schools and at some other places as well, I have quit. I bought a ticket and got on a plane to

San Francisco.

While there may be something to be written here about the why and the how and the circumstances of leaving a nicely-paid job at a the most prestigious of them all consulting firms, I refuse to bore you with such details. Let’s just say, I decided to do something else with my life! Something non-CV-optimizing. Like blogging.

What is it about that paradoxical effect of growing up to chants of You can be anything you want! Just go and live your dreams! on us Millennials? It is as though the possibility of having it all makes us scared somehow, fearful of whether just – uhm – kind of living actually qualifies as living our dreams. Suddenly, jobs aren’t just sources of income anymore, they’re supposed to be the means of self-realization and finding happiness and peace and your true self and inner calling and rainbows and potentially a few unicorns.

Quit Your Job{Looks like the only thing left to do for me is getting a tan}

And of course we know we should be thankful for the luxury of choice extended to our generation. And yes, I get it – I can go and live my dreams bolstered by a sense of financial and political stability neither my parents nor grandparents knew. The only thing here is that – I never really figured out what my dreams are. Beyond, obviously, eating French toast every day.

FRENCH TOASTPhoto Jun 29, 9 20 28Photo Jun 29, 9 20 18

Do you find it disquieting that the first thing an emancipated woman like myself does after quitting her corporate job is getting on a cross-Atlantic flight and making breakfast for her manfriend? I don’t; I think that’s totally reasonable. As was the golden crispy moist amazingness of this French toast.

To conclude – I have no clue what I’m doing. It’s scary and hugely liberating. I’ll figure it out along the way. On that note: Let the therapeutic blogging begin. I’m off to indulge in my quarter-life crisis. And in massive amounts of San Francisco breakfast.

Congratulations and condolences regarding my life decisions may be posted in comment box below.


44 thoughts on “Why are we so scared of living? Of when I quit my job and got on a plane to San Francisco”

  1. I say Congratulations on your decision. It seems that these days there’s a backlash against women who say they’d rather stay at home cooking up culinary delights than scale the corporate ladder/work full-time. Every woman has different priorities – I think everyone has the right to a choice.

    A lot of my friends have graduated from university with the impression that we’ve got to sort out our lives *immediately*…and get it right first time. Yeah…I don’t see what the rush is.

    Good luck figuring out what you want from your life – keep exploring and it will all fall into place eventually. :)

  2. Love this! You’re an inspiration :) I started blogging with a friend as an alternative to ditching our last year of study and joining the circus. Still not sure if we made the right choice – but I do LOVE reading other people’s stories of adventure and bravery. Looking forward to reading more of yours :)

  3. Congratulations on taking such a brave step. For myself, I have changed so many jobs over the last three years I have almost lost count. I have left so called cushy jobs a couple times. A lot of my friends are still on their first job. Makes me feel like I am not doing something right. But I am the kind that cant settle for something I dont like. I am still exploring and I am glad to find that there are fellow young ppl like me out there.

    1. Thank you very much, Prithi! I think we’ll be all the richer in experience in the end… someone has to do the exploring after all! In that spirit, I love that you have set out to write a life manual! :)

      1. Thanks, I guess its a sort of manual in a way and I think a lot of our blogs are the same way as we share our experiences, we learn and we teach at the same time. By the way, love the food photos you post each time in your blog- makes me hungry just looking ;)

  4. That french toast is making my mouth water! What an exciting adventure! Will be interesting to see how it all pans out for you. :) All the best!

  5. First, that french toast looks amazing! Second, it wasn’t until I recently quit my job that I realized there are so many of us twentysomethings who are searching for more meaning when it comes to employment. So glad to know I am not alone! I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. How wonderful that your whole blog is dedicated to the topic! Can’t wait to read more and find out how things go for you. Thanks for your sweet comment, Aimee!

  6. Congrats! That’s a huge step and a scary one at that! Keep chasing those dreams! One day I hope to have the courage and ability to make that leap of faith.

  7. Well, I’ll congratulate you on this move. The heart has its reason whereof reason knows none as said by Blaise Pascal. If it feels right, it likely is…and how could it not with that French toast! I had my one-third-life crisis, it’s still evening out, but it feels so much better being me than the one others always told me to be. (I do have a post about sparkly unicorns, just sayin’)

      1. Well, my post is really about sparkling horse shit (that’s the title too) as that’s the search terms that led them to my blog :) I figured only a sparkling unicorn would produce such ;)

  8. Oh my. That looks absolutely delicious. Haha! And kudos to you for plunging into the unknown! Not everybody has the same guts you have. Congratulations! I hope you find true happiness and unicorns. :)

  9. I’m about to do something similar and i am shit-scared!! So thank you for writing this. I can’t wait to explore your blog and learn more about your experience.

    1. And so am I! But all sarcasm aside, there is much liberation ahead. In a scary, but good way. I guess there’s only so much anyone will share on a blog, but I’d be happy if you stuck around to see how it plays out for me. Best of luck to you, Yui!

  10. My “big time corporate lady” period ended in my life about two years ago now. I went through an identity crisis, I’d say, but when you can’t label yourself as your job, you learn who you really are. And love is a good reason to do anything.
    PS. When can I stop by for French Toast? I can bring coffee. :)

    1. Hi Amber! Thank you very much for your sweet comment. I just started browsing your blog and am in love already….
      Also, the very moment you read this, get the man and the dog, leave Park City behind, and come over for French Toast.

  11. I love this, you definitely have a new follower on this end girlfriend! I say, you eat that French Toast with complete happiness lovely, and realize that your life is something that most people only joke about doing, and really never get to live. So cheers, with orange juice, naturally, to compliment your newly found life and…breakfast. haha. xoxo

  12. It is a good thing to plan and manage your life meticulously…. Yet, it is an even better one to let your life inspire and lead you spontaneously… 😄

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