“Which city is this?” or Of how I became a consultant

2013-01-11 16.17.46

Hello and welcome to the new life of Ms. Monday. A life of never ending flights and hotel rooms. Maybe they don’t all look the same, but they all feel the same for certain. It’s such a cliché, but ask me any given weekday  which city I’m in, and it may take me a while to figure out. I feel thrust into this new rhythm of life, this new pace that doesn’t quite make sense to me yet. Monday mornings I get up so early, I’m not sure it’s even morning yet. Then I’m in the cab to the airport, in the cab to the office, and sometime much later that day

in the cab to the hotel. Three days later it’s the same game of cabs and planes but in the opposite direction and before you know it, it’s Friday, I’m sitting in the office in Hamburg and can’t wait till the weekend finally arrives.

After just one week or so on the job, I’ve done the “staying in the office till 12 pm” and I’m being told that this is not even as bad as it gets. Anyone who tells you this is fun and that they don’t mind doing it, because the job is so rewarding – in my humble opinion – is completely off their mind. Because staying in the office from 8 am till 12 pm isn’t “fun.” It sucks balls.

2013-01-13 17.51.00

{Out for coffee with mum in snowy Hamburg}

And it would be so easy to dismiss this whole gig, and to move on, and find a stable, mediocre 9-to-5 job somewhere. If only the people you meet and get to work with weren’t quite so exceptional. So bright, determined, and incredibly helpful and friendly. And if only the tasks at hand weren’t actually very interesting and challenging. So it’s not that easy to dismiss all this, because the more impossible something seems, the more I want to find out if I can’t do it anyhow. Clearly, I’m one of those completely off their mind.

One thing about doing this job in Germany though is undoubtedly fantastic: I get to see my family more frequently than I have in years. This weekend I headed to Bielefeld, saw my mum and dog and grandparents, ate well and plenty, and slept 12 hours straight both nights. Now I’m counting the days, because Nicola is arriving in Hamburg on Friday, and I’ll have two whole days with him, and that seems like the biggest present I’ve had in a while. But till then there’s a couple of more flights to catch. And plenty more cabs.

Lots of love,

Ms. Monday


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