New year, new job, same old resolutions

The new year is here and I’ve started it with a new job in a few new locations with a lot of new people. This may be as specific as I will get from now on – in the interest of the firm I work for, and especially its clients. I shall refrain from naming names or even places, and I ask for your understanding in this matter. But fear not, my friends. You’ll still get all the dirty immensely interesting details of Ms. Monday’s private life. Whoop.

So, I’ve been thinking – why does every year start with the resolutions to lose weight, to get in touch with old friends, to blog frequently, to exercise regularly (I write “exercise regularly” and I mean “exercise at all”), and in general to just deal with all things life throws at me with ease, and grace, and while wearing an incredibly fashionable outfit?

The surprise here isn’t so much that none of these resolutions ever turn out to be that resolute by around the second week of January. What gets me thinking is that the date 01.01. manages to fill my hear with so much optimism every single year despite of that. Optimism, and the believe that everything makes sense in the end and that anything is possible (yes, even the exercising regularly thing). Why does that date have such power over me?

Who knows. For now all that matters is that I got a seat on the train, because it is before 7 a.m. in the morning and I’m still half asleep. As I settle into this new lifestyle of endless travel and hotel rooms and client engagemenets and all those things they lure innocent business students with, this blog shall undergo a transformation too. Because there is one resultion I refuse to give up on and – luckily for you – that’s the “blog frequently” one. How about I never keep you waiting for an update for longer than a week? I realize that a week is an eternity in the cyber space, but it’s not so bad for someone jetting around the wordld getting up before sunrise to sit on trains.

It’s Monday now and so you shall hear from me every Monday as of now. monday notes.

See how everything makes sense in the end?

All the best for 2013,
Ms. Monday


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