Cigar macaroons and potato pebbles – a tale of fine dining


Oh, you wonderful Magnolia! Here’s the promised update on our culinary experience at the restaurant, which the Michelin guide refers to as the “young star of national Italian cuisine.” How poetic. Let me tell you this up front – the service was more attentive last year, when we enjoyed the incredible cuisine of this place on a weekday, with only one or two other tables occupied. Last night, in contrast, the restaurant was

fully booked and the three service staff clearly had their hands full. But whatever critique one may have made regarding the service, the food would have made up for all of it! Have a look at the menu below yourself. My favorites must have been the oysters in coconut milk –  spicy, soft, sweet, delicious – and the dessert, which consisted of potato crisps (think of them as savory not sweet, but don’t think of them as the typical salted variety either) layered with butterscotch cream and candied nuts, served with pine nut ice cream, and caramel sauce.

Magnolia Menu

Red shrimps
Oysters, coconut milk, ginger and coriander
Turbot tortelli, broccoli, anchovies
Fettuccelle with sea snails, fennel and lemon
Sea bass, fennel, citrus and ginger
Roasted pigeon, chestnuts, cabbage and foie gras sauce
The sheep, ricotta and its wool
Potato, pine nuts, caramel

Magnolia 2
{The interior design of this place is so wonderfully Scandinavian somehow}

“The sheep, ricotta and its wool” dish on the menu above consists of sheep milk ricotta served with sheep milk cotton candy, which really did look like wool a bit. But the most imaginative craziest dishes aren’t even on the menu! When we sat down at the table, both of us noted the table center piece of pebbles on a plate. The first dish, a bit of parsley mayo, came with the encouragement to find the edible part of this centerpiece – as it turned out there were two potatoes in there, masked as grey pebbles. Pebble potatoes. Imagine that. And then there were those epic, final petits fours – nut macaroons served in a wooden cigar box that released a cloud of cigar smoke when opened. The macaroons tasted smokey at first, and then nutty, sweet, and creamy. Who gets paid to come up with these ideas? N’s sister met the owner of the restaurant once and ever since refuses to come close to the place – apparently the guy was quite the arrogant douche – but the food they serve surely is spectacular.

Magnolia 3{Who wouldn’t want to eat at a place, where a corral headed lady welcomes diners at the entrance?}

Cesenatico{If you’re intrigued – get on a boat to Cesenatico!}

This shall be the last Italian note.

Much love,
Ms. Monday

All photos © Magnolia 2011.


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