Un pó di sole, un pó di shopping, and all the delicious food you could ever want

A bit of sun, a bit of shopping, and lots of good food – in other words. Today we wandered through the sun filled streets of Ravenna, had pasta and fish for lunch, and so many espressi that no one could keep count. And while it would never be my intention to make you feel even the slightest trace of jealousy, I may have to mention briefly here that

N. took me to an outlet store near Venice yesterday, where they sell pairs of Prada shoes at lower prices than they sell a pack of chewing gum at your favorite corner store. Almost, anyway. The point is we enjoyed ourselves. And that we may have bought a pair of shoes. Or two. Or three.

Tonight, there’s another highlight awaiting us: La Magnolia. It may be just about our preferred dining experience in the Emilia Romagna. As you know by now, I am very fond of those restaurants that will serve their Michelin starred tasting menus at around €50 to me and my loved ones. And who in their right mind wouldn’t be, really? I shall provide culinary feedback on my experience tomorrow. Please don’t expect photographic evidence of the dinner though. It shall be enjoyed cell-phone-camera-free with my dearest N.

{Dante is buried in Ravenna. And they even have palm trees here}

Photo Dec 25, 12 34 45 PM{No one can say I’m not sharing in that Christmas cheer}

Photo Dec 26, 2 58 05 PM{In case you’re considering hosting your own Italian Christmas family lunch next year, you’ll only need two things: lots of nice relatives and lots of delicious food }


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