Not the end of the world

2012-12-20 18.13.27

This will be a first, my dears. It will be my first mobile post, that is the first note written on my cell phone. I couldn’t think of a post more worthy of that unanimously admired “travel” category approval than one written

at the airport. Literally. I came back from Copenhagen late last night and I am now back at the airport – another one to be exact, but don’t they all look the same somehow? – on my way to Italy and a well deserved Christmas break. Anyway, I figure mobile posting will soon turn out to be an invaluable skill for me, when I start my consulting gig in January.

The defense of my Master thesis went well. I got 12 out of 12 points, will most likely be graduating in the top 5% of my class (or so I’ve been told anyhow), and I have been offered to publish an academic article based on my work in a peer-reviewed journal. Whoop. So much for getting that Masters degree then. (Feel free to refer to me as “Master Monday” as of now.) And just like that another chapter draws to a close.

After indulging in the illusion for the past four months that my living situation in Hamburg was taken care off well ahead of my upcoming move, the guy who had promised me a place changed his mind last week. Seriously? Then there were those annoyingly stressful few days of having nothing but an affordable place 20 minutes outside of the city (no friggin way) or a central place at €800 a month (how much?!). Until, out of nowhere, my mum found a central apartment at a price lower than the place I was going to move in originally. Online, while she was browsing the web. And this from a woman who dislikes writing e-mails. Oh, you gods of Internet wonders, I am deeply indebted to you. So, none of this was the end of the world after all.

Last but not least, our Relæ dinner in pictures! While tastes will always differ, let me say as much. This is one of the best quality-price ratios you’ll find. In Copenhagen. And ever.

2012-12-20 18.13.27{Starting off with celery tacos, buttermilk filling & dried egg yolk topping}

Dishes that came with pleasantly surprising flavor combinations – Jerusalem artichoke purée topped with coffee and popped quinoa, anyone? – prepared in ways with wow factor – such as a mayonnaise in which the egg yolk had been substituted with mussel mousse. The flavors of the menu were well balanced, earthy flavors of artichoke, algae, or beet root dominant, but complemented with acidity, crunch, and sweetness. A job well done. Check them out the next time you’re in town. Unfortunately, I had to pass up the wine paring… With that defense the next day and all. There’s always next time.

Yours truly,
Master. Monday

Relae Copenhagen{What a gorgeous Norwegian}

Relae Squid, mussles, seaweed {Squid, mussels, seaweed, deliciousness}

Relae Jerusalem artichoke, quinoa, coffee {The aforementioned Jerusalem artichoke purée}

Relae Copenhagen Chefs{Chefs at work}

Relae Beef, carrots, söl
{Beef, carrots, Icelandic algae}

Relae Koebenhavn {Happy}

Relae Sheep's milk, beetroot, blackcurrant {Finally, the best dessert ever: Vanilla ice cream, covered in sheep milk foam, topped with crunchy black currants, and warm baby beet root}

P.S.: My first experience with mobile blogging – it works. I could not resist some post-posting picture / layout fixes though.


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