Up North


This morning I embarked on a journey up North. I was on my way early enough to watch the sunrise while sitting on the train to the airport. Now I’m back in Copenhagen, staying with Matthias in Nørrebro. The capital is cold and grey, and

I’m glad I brought my thickest winter coat with me.

I have spent the day prepping for tomorrow’s defense of my Master thesis (wish me luck, please), and enjoying that chewy, sweet density of Danish rye bread for lunch. Tonight, there’s more culinary delight awaiting us, when we head over to Relæ, which has recently been awarded its first Michelin star – and this despite the fact that they dismiss the rally for those stars among the restaurants of the world on their website.

Image{Looks pretty yummy to me!}

Image{Kim Rossen & Christian F. Puglisi}

The tasting menu of this place is so affordable at €50 a head for a restaurant of this kind – especially in a city where a bagel will cost you ten bucks – I’m curious to find out what their “simple dining & focused gastronomy” will taste like. The Italian Mr. Puglisi is the restaurant’s founder and head-chef and has worked at noma and El Bulli amongst others. By the way, the only reason we got a reservation at this restaurant at all is that Matthias’ roommate happens to be its sous-chef! Nice.

So, for tomorrow keep your fingers crossed, please. I’ll do some more reading now, and hopefully all will go well.

Hilsener from up North,
Ms. Monday

All images © Per-Anders Jörgensen


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